HK Maritime is also an independent ship agent providing high quality, the most efficient and cost-saving services to the full satisfaction to our customers; in all Turkish Ports as well as Istanbul (Bosphorus) and Canakkale (Dardanelles) Straits to any type and size of the vessel.
We serve our customers with the professionalism;

- Transit agency service at Turkish Straits
:: Coordination of fast and smooth passages for Turkish straits
:: Immediate transmission of arrival and departure information
:: Straits passage prospects

- Port agency service at all Turkish Ports

- Crew change

- Bunker (any kind of marine fuel) supply

- Lubrication oil supply

- Freshwater supply at Istanbul anchorage in transit passages and at all Turkish Ports

- Supply of;
:: Marine Paints (We are representative of Moravia paints but we also supply any brand such as JOTUN, HEMPEL, INTERNATIONAL paints as per request),
:: Provisions and bonded stores,
:: Technical materials at Istanbul anchorage in transit passages and at all Turkish Ports

- Technical services for any kind of repair

- Collect sludge/slop.

- Diving Support

- Motor Boat & Car Service

- Delivery services (cash to master, spare, mail and store)

You may choose us for the reason of;
- competitive prices for your cost-effective voyages
- our experience and knowledge providing you to feel comfortable
- our prompt assistance at your any inquiry at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, working around the clock.
- our hand-over manner in any emergency
- fluency of information, reports, and advances on due course

When your vessels are under our control, the only thing you must do is to instruct us what to do and collect our reports of information