Navigational Audit

In conducting a Navigation Audit on behalf of clients, our Master Mariners bring a wealth of experience to bear in verifying safe navigational practice and that bridge procedure are consistently and effectively applied in accordance with regulatory, industry and company requirements.

Whether the audit is conducted after a specific incident or near miss, as a regular requirement of your Safety Management System (SMS) or just to confirm statutory navigational obligations are being met, we are on hand to provide you with a tailored solution.

The ‘Scope of Work’ for carrying out a Navigational Audit is as follows:

  • A detailed navigational audit will be carried out as per the latest navigation standards and best practices.
  • Assessment of the bridge team will be carried out in two parts. The first part is carried out when the vessel departs from the port at which the audit consultant joins, while the second part is carried out when the vessel arrives at the subsequent port(s).
  • The audit consultant is a “silent observer” and takes an overview of all aspects of the operation by the bridge team from “Departure berth” to “Full away on passage” and “Port Arrival”. This covers the practical side of navigation, interaction with the Pilot, VTS / Port Authorities and interaction between the on board staff.

The main areas and skills that will be assessed are as follows:

  • Knowledge and understanding of company policies and procedures
  • Passage planning – preparation, planning and execution
  • Use of Electronic Chart Systems and ECDIS
  • Coastal and Deep Sea Navigation where applicable
  • Navigation in restricted waters and port approaches
  • Bridge Team Management – Situational awareness, teamwork etc.
  • Status of Bridge Equipment
  • Mooring, Unmooring and Anchoring (if carried out)

The safety consultant’s observations and recommendations are thereafter discussed with the entire bridge team, and with individual officers as necessary. Training needs are identified, discussed with the master and, wherever possible, immediate correction and refresher training is given to relevant officers.

On arrival at the following port, a similar assessment is carried out with the consultant using comparable criteria and noting improvements and differences between the two assessments, subsequently reviewing with the master and producing the report for the company. If required, our consultants can separately assist you in addressing any issues identified.

Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

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Navigation Auditor
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